Month: February 2018

Songs of Power; Entities of Light

Songs of Power; Entities of Light: Spirituality and Worldview of the Abenakis and their Wabanaki Neighbors 9:00 Am-4:00 PM, March 24th.  Abenaki Tribal Headquarters 100 Grand Ave. Swanton What are the fundamental elements of our ancient spirituality? What is power? Did/do we have shamans and what do shamans do?  What does “All our relations” mean, spiritually? What is personal ceremony  (birth, puberty, marriage, profession, 

MBM Agenda February 8 2018

2.8.18 MBM Agenda

Abenaki Drumming & Dancing

Abenaki Drumming & Dancing

Learn to sing / dance with us.  This will be an ongoing set of sessions set around multiple events though out the year.  Never too late to join in.  Come and try it out.