Tribal Council Minutes – April 2018

Tribal Council Meeting

April 19, 2018

Attendance: Chief Eugene Rich, Lester Lampman, Morgan Lamphere, Cody Hemenway, Crystal Lampman, Louise Lampman-Larivee, Ken Sturm, Adam Noel

Minutes read from March meeting, no discussion. Lester motions to accept minutes as read seconded by Cody. Vote Unanimous

Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge: Ken Sturm advises that all of the documentation that we can find regarding the Refuge puts this specific site in prime position to be federally protected site of historical significance. Currently we can date this site back to 7000 years ago at minimum as an occupied site. They are looking for the entire property that is managed by the refuge to be a Federally Protected Historical Site for the National Registry. Crystal makes a motion to that Abenaki Nation at Missisquoi unanimously supports historical preservation of Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge, seconded by Morgan. Vote unanimous.

MBM Update: The DOL programs payment management system is a bit messed up, as Sally never set up the accounts properly and the only way to do draw downs is under ASHAI until we can get that set up properly. MBM will be working on a 2018 budget, with a timeframe hopefully within the next month. There is a question about the dissolution of ASHAI and whether or not we have to follow a different procedure.

Tribal Teachings: (Fred Wiseman) Dr Wiseman provided Tribal Council with documentation with his expertise and credentials for teaching the spirituality of the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi. Tribal Council invited Dr Wiseman and apologizes that a guest of ours was questioned.

Blessing of the Fields at the Intervale Center: there are about 5 dedicated folks and we are working diligently on making the regalia and necessary items. What would the next event be that we would like to work on? We will begin to look at setting up traditional gardens, and agriculture for June. Dr Wiseman requests that we form a committee that will take on cultural revitalization focusing on renewing our tribal culture. Eugene motions to form this committee, seconded by Cody.

DOL Grant: Louise did her webinar today for her grant, she has some questions about whether or not we have been grandfathered in under the new regulations. We do have to submit a 5 year plan by mid May. There is another webinar next week. Janie is no longer an employee of VT Associates, we may be looking at hiring her as a DOL work experience.

Old/Ongoing Business:

Needs Assessment Survey: Michael Mosher is now heading this up, he is looking for what we want to have in our survey. We also spoke with him about some future grant possibilities. We can tailor this survey so that it meets grant needs.

VCNAA: Working on intertribal communications. There is a movie night next Thursday that we are asked to speak at on the importance of water. Cody will go with Eugene.

Tribal Healing: Eugene had a long talk with Brenda, she is willing to come in and do some teachings on the weekends starting in May. She does know enough to get us started on language classes. There is a Circle of Courage Art Show on Friday May 4th at the Church Street location.

Dartmouth Pow-Wow: This is the same day as our intervale event.

Building Maintenance: We will be looking at updating the phone system. Doug came in and stripped, waxed and polished the floors. They look great. We would like to do something for his efforts. We will see what Maquam has for funds. Eugene motions to ask MBM to purchase a $25 gift card, Morgan seconds. Vote unanimous.

Derry NH Property: we recently had a meeting with the NH Commission, Derry won’t take the property back. One of the women from Elnu wants to know if there are medicinal plants. Lester motions to sell the property to her for $1 with the stipulation that she does a workshop on medicinal herbs for us, seconded by Cody. Vote unanimous.

Donations: Cody brought in the GC for the gravel. Also he got plumrose to donate some ribs. Costco will donated baked goods if we go down; during the various parties if we bring them a letter they will give us donations. Cody is still working on getting a pig.

Canoe: There is a gentleman that will be donating a 25 ft war canoe to us with all the accessories.

Family Day: We will put the above canoe to use, set up the mini village discussed, and pig roast possibly.

STOP Grant: possibly looking into having a workshop around Human Trafficking, internet safety etc.

Eugene motions to close the meeting at 2004 hours, seconded by Cody. Vote Unanimous.