Tribal Minutes

April Minutes 2018

Tribal Council Meeting April 19, 2018 Attendance: Chief Eugene Rich, Lester Lampman, Morgan Lamphere, Cody Hemenway, Crystal Lampman, Louise Lampman-Larivee, Ken Sturm, Adam Noel Minutes read from March meeting, no discussion. Lester motions to accept minutes as read seconded by Cody. Vote Unanimous Missisquoi National […]

March Minutes 2018

Tribal Council Meeting Minutes March 15, 2018 Attendance: Crystal Lampman, Cody Hemenway, Eugene Rich, Lester Lampman, William Brotherton, Louise Lampman-Larivee, Morgan Lamphere Meeting Opened: 1807 hours Minutes from February Meeting read, correction to email address as Eugene motions to accept minutes, seconded by William. […]