Tribal Council Minutes – December 2018



Present for the meeting: Morgan Lamphere, Lester Lampman, John Vincelette, Jason Churchill, Brian Barrett, and Chief Rich.   Absent: Lance Lampman ( Medical reasons )

Guests:  Jeannie Bartlett( Franklin County Natural Resources) Adam Noel,Cody Hemenway & Louise Larevee

1805 hrs: Meeting called to order

Minutes for the November meeting not available to be approved.  

DOL : No report provided.

New Business:

Jeannie Bartlett, Franklin County Conservation District Natural Resources Conservation Service Field Office.  She addressed issues from Selling trees to Youth education. We advised that we would help spread the word about her services and that we may be able to assist with getting the word out and order some trees in the spring.

David Massell at the “The Water Between” conference in April.  Information to be passed on to Morgan Lamphere to look into.

Discussion concerning the garage as public storage space. After discussion, it was decided that it would be more headache than we would like to undertake at this time.  Chief Rich made a motion of putting the use of the garage on hold, for now, was put to a vote. Nobody opposed.

Who will fill the vacant secretary position and be responsible for minutes?  No volunteers. Will bring it up again in January.

Adam Noel, Maquam Representative, provided a monthly update.  Well presented. No questions from the Tribal Council.

The tribal council brought up the issue of forming committees to be used for events. Such as Donations committee and Grants Committee.  More to follow on those topics.

Chief Rich brought up the topic of an event to be centered around the Summer Solstice.  June 20th, in the Swanton Park from 1600 hours until 2000 hours. This will satisfy the requirements of the STOP grant since all services will be invited to attend.  Such as Voices Against Violence. The event went to vote. Nobody opposed.

Shane Vincelette was present to discuss the topic of Tribal Security.  Mr. Vincelette discussed a plan to implement a security committee. He was advised to lay out a formal plan and to present it at the next Tribal Council meeting.  He has been named interim Head of Security. The event went to vote. Nobody opposed.

Chief Rich brought up the topic of Tribal Clergymen.  Numerous Tribial Council members expressed interest. The event went to vote.  Nobody opposed. At the close of the meeting John Vincelette, Shane Vincelette, Morgan Lamphere, Janson Churchill, Louise Laravee and Chief Rich were authorized as Missisquoi Abenaki Nation Tribal Clergy.

Ruth Moore, requested the use of Brunswick Springs for a woman’s Healing Event to be held on August 9 – 11 in 2019   Event went to vote. Nobody opposed. Chief Rich sent a letter of support to Ms. Moore.

Meeting closed by Chief Rich at 2100 hours.