Election Results

Election Results

Tribal Council Election results are in and are as follows:

  1. Lance Lampman, 75 Votes
  2. Brian “Butch” Barratt, 70 Votes
  3. Jason Churchill, 67 Votes
  4. John Vincelette, 63 Votes
  5. Crystal Lampman, 34 Votes
  6. Cody Hemenway, 26 Votes
  7. William Brotherton, 19 Votes

Leaving our new tribal counsel of

  • Eugene Rich, Chief
  • Lance Lampman
  • Brian “Butch” Barratt
  • Jason Churchill
  • John Vincelette
  • Morgan Lamphere
  • Lester Lampman

We as a nation are grateful for everything Cody Hemenway, Crystal Lampmen and William Brotherton. Your service is so appreciated.  To the new counsel best of luck and well wishes for a smooth and successful transition and we cannot wait to see the new things to come.


Maquam Bay of Missisquoi Results

  1. Brian “Butch” Barratt, 85 Votes
  2. Ann Lampman, 68 Votes
  3. John Vincelette, 67 Votes
  4. April Lapan, 53 Votes
  5. Lori Lapan, 49 Votes
  6. Alanna Fiorini, 46 Votes
  7. Cody Hemenway, 45 Votes
  8. Adam Noel, 44 Votes
  9. Amanda Hoague, 35 Votes
  10. Joanne Crawford, 34 Votes
  11. Carollee Reynolds, 31 Votes

We would like to welcome Carollee Reynolds, Lori Lapan, Joanne Crawford, April Lapan, Amanda Hoague, Cody Hemenway, John Vincelette, and Alanna Fiorini to the board and congratulate Adam Noel, Ann Lampman, and Brian “Butch” Barratt on re-election.