Grants/Funding Received For 2020-2021

We were a grant recipients of the following grants for 2020:

  • COVID Response Grant for Foodbank
  • Community Health Grant-awarded but not funded at this time
  • Stop Grant (Violence Against Women)-awarded but not funded at this time
  • Anonymous Foundation Grant
  • Walmart Grant
  • Donations from the Community and generous people from afar. Thank you so much!!
    • The Geisel School  of Medicine at Dartmouth (15th Annual MLK Health Equity Celebration)


2021 Grants/Funding

  • NoVo Foundation
  • Burton Snowboard
  • River Community Grant
  • Everyone Eats

Due to the crisis attributed to Covid-19 our grant priority is on acquiring funding primarily for the Abenaki Survival Center and Food Pantry. Due to the pandemic, and the loss of jobs/layoffs/income we have seen a drastic increase in the number of families in need of food assistance. We are currently   providing emergency food support for around 600 families from the community at large. This is over a 300% increase from pre-pandemic need! We are so thankful to receive these grants that are helping to sustain our community. With the new year upon us, and hopefully, increased and effective efforts to get the pandemic under control, we look forward strengthening our community through infrastructure and cultural revitalization programs,  and we have some  we have some wonderful plans for our community this year!


Wliwni (Thank You)