Video of the Snake Dance

Video of the Snake Dance

Jasmyn Hemenway leading the Snake Dance at Tribal Headquarters.

Revival of Ceremony

Revival of Ceremony

During the elections here at tribal headquarters in the back room we had Dr. Fred Wiseman helped to lead us in cultural and spiritual revitalization again today. We had a great turnout of people who joined us today who wanted to watch and even participate 

Ethan Allen Homestead Living History

Ethan Allen Homestead Living History

(Pictured: Chief Eugene Rich of the Missisquoi Abenaki Nation welcomes Chief Don Stevens of the Nulhegan Abenaki.)


Ethan Allen Homestead: Living Village: This event took place at the Ethan Allen Homestead. It was the first time in 250 years that the Abenaki have had an encampment at that location. It was a great success. It was reported that we drew in triple the regular attendance. I’d like to thank the Cultural Revitalization Committee for all their efforts. A special thank you to Dan O’Neil of the Ethan Allen Homestead for being such a gracious host for the event. I’ve been told that we are not only welcome back next year but they would like to plan a larger event ( and during a warmer time).

Chief Eugene Rich,
Missisquoi Abenaki Nation.

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Event at ECHO

Event at ECHO

This was an amazing partnership rekindled and we hope to keep it going strong. So many people had to come together to make it possible. I’d like to thank Fred Wiseman for pulling us together with song, dance, and regalia. Morgan Lamphere and Cody Hemenway. 

Song / Dance

The next song / dance session will be Tuesday April 23rd at 6PM Please join us and bring a friend.

Circle of Courage Art Show

Circle of Courage Art Show

Abenaki Circle of Courage Art Show is May 4th 6-7:30. Light refreshment and snacks will be offered. 31 Church St Suite 49 Swanton.

We hope for a lot of attendance.  Feel free to stop in.

Tribal Council Minutes – April 2018

Tribal Council Meeting April 19, 2018 Attendance: Chief Eugene Rich, Lester Lampman, Morgan Lamphere, Cody Hemenway, Crystal Lampman, Louise Lampman-Larivee, Ken Sturm, Adam Noel Minutes read from March meeting, no discussion. Lester motions to accept minutes as read seconded by Cody. Vote Unanimous Missisquoi National 

Tribal Council Minutes – March 2018

Tribal Council Meeting Minutes March 15, 2018 Attendance: Crystal Lampman, Cody Hemenway, Eugene Rich, Lester Lampman, William Brotherton, Louise Lampman-Larivee, Morgan Lamphere Meeting Opened: 1807 hours Minutes from February Meeting read, correction to email address as AbenakiNation.com. Eugene motions to accept minutes, seconded by William. 

Songs of Power; Entities of Light

Songs of Power; Entities of Light:

Spirituality and Worldview of the Abenakis and their Wabanaki Neighbors

9:00 Am-4:00 PM, March 24th.  Abenaki Tribal Headquarters 100 Grand Ave. Swanton

  • What are the fundamental elements of our ancient spirituality?
  • What is power?
  • Did/do we have shamans and what do shamans do? 
  • What does “All our relations” mean, spiritually?
  • What is personal ceremony  (birth, puberty, marriage, profession, death) from an Abenaki perspective?
  • Are places sacred and why?
  • Did we have a well developed sense of medical spirituality?
  • Agricultural cultures like the Abenakis have special types of spirituality, what is it like?
  • What is wampum and is it sacred?     What are the Wampum Laws?
  • What is religious syncretism  (a historical blending of Abenaki and other traditions such as Catholicism or “Pan-Indianism”)  and how should we deal with it today?
  • How do we Abenakis fit into the overall setting of Native American Spirituality and Worldview?

Discussion is VERY MUCH encouraged!

MBM Agenda February 8 2018

2.8.18 MBM Agenda

Abenaki Drumming & Dancing

Abenaki Drumming & Dancing

Learn to sing / dance with us.  This will be an ongoing set of sessions set around multiple events though out the year.  Never too late to join in.  Come and try it out.

MBM Agenda December 14 2017

Download PDF Here



DECEMBER 14, 2017



6:30 PM Call Meeting to Order (Listen)

  • Public Comments Regarding Current and Future Agendas
    • Note ground rules

6:35 PM Approval of November Board Meeting Minutes (Action)

6:45 PM Old Business

6:50 PM Finance Report (Adam Noel)

  • 1st Draft Budget
  • Sure Payroll Update

7:05 PM DOL Director’s Report

7:20 PM Christmas Party Update (Ann Lampman)

7:35 PM New Business

  • Proposal discussion for adopting policies and procedures for interaction, directives, and reporting between Maquam Bay of Missisquoi, Inc and the Abenaki Tribal Council. (Discussion – Lester Lampman)
  • Proposal to hire an accountant to assist with the 2017 state and federal tax filing. (Action – Adam Noel)

8:00 PM Meeting Dates  

  • Tribal Council – 12/21/2017 – 6:00 PM – Abenaki Nation Conference Room
  • Maquam Bay of Missisquoi – 1/11/2017 6:30 PM – Abenaki Nation Conference Room

8:05 PM Adjournment