Maquam Bay of Missisquoi Board of Directors 01-10-2019

Maquam Bay of Missisquoi Board of Directors
Abenaki Nation Conference Room
Tribal Office, Swanton
January 10, 2019
6:30 – 8:00 pm
6:30 Call Meeting to Order
6:35 Public Comments regarding current and future agendas
6:40 Approval of November Board Meeting Minutes
6:45 Approval of December Board Meeting Minutes
6:50 Treasurer’s Report
7:05 Grant Reports
• DOL Grant Report
• STOP Grant Report
7:20 Old Business

Proposal for Time Study for DOL instead of the timesheet
Creation of an Events Committee
Follow-up on DCF/St.Alban’s visit to November MBM meeting
Modify current space rental Waiver Form

7:40 New Business
• Discussion and planning for new Youth Services funding
• Proposal to modify by-laws to terminate a board member if they miss three
consecutive meetings
8:00 Adjournment