Tribal Council Minutes – March 2018

Tribal Council Meeting Minutes March 15, 2018

Attendance: Crystal Lampman, Cody Hemenway, Eugene Rich, Lester Lampman, William Brotherton, Louise Lampman-Larivee, Morgan Lamphere

Meeting Opened: 1807 hours

Minutes from February Meeting read, correction to email address as Eugene motions to accept minutes, seconded by William. Vote unanimous.

Old/Ongoing Buisness Items:

Stop Grant- Eugene submitted his report to Maquam outlining what has occurred over the last month. We are working with Cheri to create a community forum about what Domestic Violence consists of and what services are available.

Social Media/Webbsite/ Email Back Up Plan- Eugene has access to Facebook, website pending, and Crystal has access as secondary Super User for email.

UVM Digitizing of Oral Histories- Eugene has a meeting set up with Cheri and James on Monday. James is an adult learner who is also a veteran. He is the first student that will be working on this project hopefully with more to follow. Jeff will also be getting ahold of VT Associates who will be working on organizing the archives to begin digitizing. Thank you William for your work on this!

Abenaki Presence- We have the Blessing of the Fields upcoming; there is a skier named Billy Kidd who is Abenaki who is working on skiing programs for tribal youth they would like a blessing of the Mountain; we have been contacted by the Town of Bakersfield they feel their Fourth of July celebration is lacking a Cultural aspect. Cody will contact Brenda to see if we can bring the Circle of Courage into this.

Development Review Board Meeting/Strategic Planning- There is a VT Community Foundation strategic planning grant. Crystal volunteers to write this grant. There are also RISE grants that we can apply for. Crystal will contact Betsy to ask about if a freezer would be acceptable. We need to find a sustainable funding source.

Song & Dance Update- Morgan is coordinating with Ally now to schedule the regalia making. It looks like there will be 2-3 days of Rehearsal and Regalia making (between now and next class) Morgan will send out the dates this evening. The goal would be to have a couple hours of regalia making after the Spiritual event next Saturday (3/24). We have asked Fred if we can dub the songs onto CD’s so we can give them to participants.

Repatriation- Morgan is still awaiting a call back from Bixby Library.

DOL Report- Met with Kathy Lavoie who’s program is for persons 26 years and under, both DOL participants are above the age limit. Louise has been having difficulties with Janie, this has been ongoing. Nan from VT Associates has been consulted, she has reaffirmed to Janie multiple times that Louise is her supervisor. This has been documented as necessary. Have not heard anything further on grant renewal.

Investigation- Eugene spoke with Greg Michigan, who says the investigation is slow but going. He was pretty closed mouth.

Maquam- Tribal would like clarification on the profit and loss statement provided as well as an overall MBM 2018 Budget.

New Business:

Missisquoi Refuge- Louise passed on a message from Ken Sturm, they would like to put the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge on a National Status vs a State Registry. There was an ancient village found during the excavation. We would like the land to be preserved and would support an effort. Ken would be happy to attend a Tribal Meeting to discuss this further.

Cody’s Future Project Visions- Cody has been discussing possible projects with people within the community. There has been interest expressed in doing craft classes such as beadwork and basketmaking. Cody believes that we can draw 20-30 people per event. Melody Walker Brooks has volunteered to donate her time in this endeavor. Cody has someone that’s willing to donate a pig and he has the equipment for a pig roast. Cody will put together a spreadsheet of events/fundraising.

Cody won a tandem load of gravel at a charity event, he would like to donate it to level out the backyard. Thank-you Cody.

Morgan motions to adjourn, seconded by Lester.

Meeting Closed at 2222 hours.