A Look Back At 2020 March 2021
    Abenaki Nation of The Missisquoi


Donation Sales

Big Success!!


A Letter from the Chief

Accomplishments and more to come


We need your help!

A donation! We need members to serve on the Board and Advisory Committee


The Start of The Pandemic

I know we are all glad to be in a new year. First, I would like to thank everyone who supported the Center through these times of austerity by donating to help keep us open. There were times when I really thought we would have to close the Center. Your donations helped to pay for our operational expenses and keep us open. Thank you all so much! Thanks especially to the volunteers that make this all happen!!

We started 2020 with many ideas! Though we did not accomplish them all due to COVID we did have a good year at the building.

In February 2020 we started soaking the elk hides and sinew to start the making of drums. Over February school break we had some Abenaki children start the process. After the soaking of the hides the drum making started. We were able to make over 30 drums to sell online and at the Tribal Headquarters. We had plans to build a store within the building so that when out of staters visited, they could visit our store. Then the pandemic hit and that was out in hold!

We were able to have Heather Buczkowski film our volunteers and food pantry before the pandemic hit. Now our food pantry has changed and grown so much due to the amount of food we supply to our community members.

We also re-vamped our website! We have a shop page and lots of helpful information, as well as our written Chronology of the Abenaki Heritage.


  Feeding our Community

Our food shelf has grown tremendously this year. Our volunteers have done a wonderful job keeping the food pantry organized utilizing our new shelving we received through a donation.  In one given week we have seen up to 50 families. In a month we feed 600 community members! We have received many food donations as well as 2 freezers. We purchase the food through the Vermont Food Bank as well as participate in the Everyone Eats- Shift Meals and Healthy Roots. We also receive Eats- Shift Meals and Healthy Roots. We also receive produce when local farmers are gleaning. Our food pantry is open Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays and currently we do not require any paperwork to show income. Please call 802-868-6255.

Donation Sales

We had 2 donation sales this year. One in the spring of 2020 and one in the fall of 2020. In the fall we were able to safely social distant and we raised a little over $3,000 for both sales. Community members donated lots of household items to make this sale a success!! We will be having more sales this year!!

Thank you to everyone that made this a success!





The Review  

Holiday Time

The holidays looked much different this year. We were not able to have our annual harvest dinner or our annual Christmas Party.  So instead, Tribal Council met, and we were able to raise enough money to supply families with turkey dinners or a grocery store gift card for Thanksgiving.

  A Note From Our Chief

-by Chief Richard Menard

2020 has brought on many challenges!! With the help of our volunteers, we continue to strive to meet our goals. Whether it be picking up food for our food pantry or getting food boxes ready for community members. Our volunteers do a great job! We have had helping hands from near and far! As we strive to improve our processes, we are planning our 2021 goals. We have a large renovation, so that we can bring back a community room for all to enjoy, a scholarship to be awarded as well as a war canoe event.

We are currently actively looking for members to serve on The Maquam Bay Board and our New Advisory Committee. We welcome your ideas and hope you can join us in planning for our community!!


Totem Pole Placing on the Village Green

Members of the Abenaki community commemorated the installation of a totem pole on Swanton’s village green. The pole, according to community members, honors Swanton’s place as the Abenaki’s traditional homeland. Community members admire a new totem pole honoring the Abenaki people’s history in the Swanton region.


Exciting News

Our Goals (depending on Grants Recevied and COVID)

  • War Canoe in the Missiquoi River-Grant Awarded-local artisians, food trucks, drumming, storytelling, river bank clean-up, planting
  • Gardens for Community Use
  • Creation of Community Room, Women’s Lodge
  • Art, Assistance, food
  • Scholarship
  • Donation Sales

A Big Thank You To Our Local Businesses and People Afar

  •  Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth-15th Annual MLK Health Equity Celebration
  • Bournes Energy
  • Upper Missisquoi and Trout River Wild & Scenic Committee
  • NoVo Foundation
  • Vermont Community Foundation
  • Burton Snowboard
  • Northwestern Regional Planning Commision
  • Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
  • Misery Loves Company
  • Mccuins and Sons

And many community members from Franklin County and afar!!



      Become a Monthly Supporter—

$30/month is only $1.00/day and it means you do not even have to give up your daily coffee run. A $30 donation each month will provide a low-income senior or family with a supplemental food package.

You could help a low-income senior eat for a month. Making a regular donation is much easier on your budget too!

Check out PayPal for an easy way to make your donation automatic. There are many other ways for you to become a loyal supporter of the Center; consider holding a Facebook fundraiser in lieu of celebrating an event like your birthday or special anniversary.


We need volunteers!!

Do you have some spare time, are you able to help with events, fundraisers, maybe you would like to serve as President or Treasurer!! Please send an e-mail to [email protected].